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[How to stew the pork ribs] Pork ribs are one of the home-cooked dishes that many people like to eat. They have high nutritional value. In addition to protein and vitamins, pork ribs also provide calcium and collagen, calcium phosphate and other substances for the elderly and children. It is especially suitable for elderly and […]
[How to soak water in longan red dates and wolfberry]_how to soak water in longan red dates and wolfberry_how to soak water_soak the water Longan red dates and wolfberry are commonly used as medicinal and food ingredients in our lives. Many women suffer from deficiency of both qi and blood, and look dull and dull […]
[Is it normal to eat passion fruit to diarrhea]_ Diarrhea _ Is abnormal Everyone knows that there are many vitamins in fruits, and different fruits will be produced in different seasons. Passion fruit has always been loved by everyone, and it can be used to make tea in summer. The taste is sweet and sour.However, […]
Nine sports to make women smarter The traditional saying is constantly being broken by new research results, and some previously commonly believed adults no longer grow new brain cells. Recent studies have shown that although most of the brain’s development occurs during childhood, not all brain cells are declared discontinued as soon as they reach […]
Eating grapefruit often commits many crimes [Efficacy Indications]Jianweixiaoshi, Huatanzhike, wide and qi, hangover poison. Indications: dyspepsia, abdominal distension, cough and sputum, dysentery, diarrhea, and pregnancy. . hzh {display: none; }  【食疗作用】  1.Antibacterial, antiviral pomelo peel and hesperetin can inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, influenza and typhoid bacteria in test tubes. Pomelo peel replacement has […]
8 Best Food Therapies for Women in MC Period During menstruation, women’s resistance decreases, and moods fluctuate easily. Some people may experience symptoms such as poor appetite, backache, and fatigue. Therefore, the key issue is to do a good job of conditioning food therapy during menstruation.   Menstrual cramps are those who feel pain in the […]
Beauty and Acne Relief Rice Congee It is said that it is porridge, it is better to say that it is porridge. This barley rice porridge has accompanied me through the youth of the tender green battle “acne”.   It has a good treatment for acne on the skin. In those years when I have acne […]
Are you still using the same hydration for autumn and winter? Guide: The key point in the plan of hydrating and moisturizing autumn and winter skin care. Doing well in hydrating in autumn and winter will do more with less skincare, and you can also have hydrating skin easily. But how to replenish water in […]
Elderly people shake hands to be alert to unhealthy body There are many cases of hand shake in the elderly. Most elderly people often have poor health and sometimes become chronic diseases, so they should pay more attention to hand shake, which may be a sign of unhealthy body. Therefore, when the elderly shake hands, […]
锘? Does not hurt the body Chinese medicine to lose weight The troubles that obesity brings to people are increasing day by day. Although the methods of weight loss are varied, the result is not to achieve the purpose of weight loss, or to cause adverse reactions. The following Chinese medicine weight loss methods have […]