Month: November 2019

锘? [Psoriasis Tips]Health and self-cultivation, nourishing the liver and tonifying blood The pathogenesis of psoriasis is closely related to the physiological function of the liver: white sputum is a chronic recurrent inflammatory reactive skin disease characterized by erythema, papules and scaly damage, which is equivalent to psoriasis in western medicine. Its characteristics are: there are […]
锘? National Day Album | Come to the health journey without leaving home A rare 7-day holiday, everyone has seized the good opportunity of this trip to the mountains and seas? Traveling to the circle of friends, and our beautiful holiday, of course, choose to spend comfortably at home! Make a good look at the […]
锘? Overcoming workplace worries should learn to decompress yourself Workplace concerns come from work, interpersonal, family and career development. In the face of easy-to-follow professionals, Zhu Lie and the suggestion do not hinder the following methods to adjust their emotions. 銆€銆€First, take a deep breath and relax yourself. The method is as follows: keep sitting, […]
锘? In addition to the Enshi stone pot, etc. Health jade pot, another cluster of “five golden flowers”! In addition to the Enshi stone pot, etc. Health and well-being is the aspiration of the people, the theme of the times, and the health jade pot as a tea-making device is increasingly attracting more and more […]
锘? Teaching and training attractive belly 12 The first trick is the bitterness. hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€閫氳繃鍚勭鏈夋哀杩愬姩杈惧埌閿荤偧鑲岃倝锛屾秷鑰楄剛鑲殑鐩殑锛岃繖涓柟娉曢€傚悎鍠滄杩愬姩鏈夎€愬績鏈夋瘏鍔涚殑濂冲瀛愩€侫 variety of patterns, safe and practical, healthy and reliable, affordable and cost-effective; shortcomings are mainly sports, more difficult, individual methods need to last 1 or 2 months to be effective. 銆€銆€1, abdominal massage first empty the urine, relax […]
锘? Eat more pears and sugar cane in winter Fruits that have health care and medical effects in winter are counted as pears and sugar cane. Chinese medicine believes that pears have the effect of thirst, cough and phlegm, clearing heat and reducing fire, nourishing blood and muscles, moistening the lungs and drying, etc., which […]
锘? At the summer | drink tea health must choose this tea This year’s summer time: August 23, 2016 Lunar calendar July 1st in July, at the end of the month, the summer is over. ‘The heat of the summer’ means the end of the summer, and it is the season when the heat is […]
锘? Healthy white rice is as good for health as crude rice According to foreign media reports, the latest research has brought good news to millions of people who feel that it is difficult to swallow coarse rice. The study found that healthy white rice is as good for health as long rice. According to […]
锘? 9 ways to help you improve your sleep quality The quality of sleep seriously affects the mental state of people the next day. Some people sleep on time at night, and the quality of sleep is very good, but some people have no mental head at night, and the quality of insomnia is not […]