Month: December 2019

Scientific research finds sleep helps weight loss First, the body releases “lean voxels” during sleep. hzh {display: none; }  怎样睡让身体释放“瘦体素”  美国国家心理卫生学会最新研究发现,一个人在睡眠时,体内会释放出一种名为“瘦体素”的化学物质,该Substances can remind people that they are full, so they can control their aunts. Experts also point out that lack of sleep may affect the secretion of hormones that help to consume during the day, and lack […]
Is there a relationship between sleeping and falling pillows? Q: I especially like falling pillows when I sleep. Pillows fall a little when they are appropriate. They cannot be taller and harder. Are pillows related to pillows? How to choose the right pillow? Answer: A person’s cervical spine has a natural curvature, and an excessively […]
Eat sesame to moisturize the lungs in autumn The theory of Chinese medicine believes that the autumn order corresponds to the lung qi, and the dryness and evil in the autumn are apt to hurt the lungs. “Yangyang in spring, summer, and yin in winter”, at this time people should nourish yin and prevent dryness, […]
Six diet recipes turn white hair black There are many reasons to buy white hair, but for the treatment of white hair, we should get to the method that suits us early, so that it can help us reduce the damage caused by white hair. The six diet therapeutics hope to help us reduce white […]
It is a vitamin that affects sexual function We absorb vitamins in our food every day, but do you know that there are some vitamins in the rich family of vitamins that can greatly enhance your “sexual interest”. If you feel your “sexual interest” has decreased, you may try to supplement these vitamins: too many […]
Ten health tips have pitfalls Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day? Ten health tips have pitfalls In daily life, especially you must be alert to some health routines that have been deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Many of the common health knowledge that everyone knows are actually wrong. For example, most people […]
20 rules of workplace survival 1. There are only two people in the office, the protagonist and the dragon.   In the workplace, if you want to be relaxed and don’t want to climb up, you can only do it for life. The disadvantage of the trick is that you go to death first, no credit […]
New Standard for Balanced Life: Easy Yoga Practice Soft as a girl’s body, beautiful slender waist, is the dream of every woman. In fact, you don’t have to go to the gym to make a big jump, quietly cultivate your self-cultivation, and the traditional and ancient mysterious yoga can give you unexpected benefits.   The door […]
Elderly people shake hands to be alert to unhealthy body There are many cases of hand shake in the elderly. Most elderly people often have poor health and sometimes become chronic diseases, so they should pay more attention to hand shake, which may be a sign of unhealthy body. Therefore, when the elderly shake hands, […]
Affection alternative “Internet dependence” The mystery is that no matter what method you use, it is undeniable that Internet addiction is not inherited and will not be completely temperamental. So since it is a non-physiological problem, can the drug achieve a complete effect? I thought the answer was yes, of course not! This is not […]