Month: February 2020

Although the longan is good, but the three types of people must not touch, otherwise the health is not a life Located in the southwestern part of Guangdong Province, Gaozhou has many landmarks and is a thousand-year old county. A great heroine, the heroine, is sitting in the town. “Gaozhou” evolved from “high cool”. Gaozhou […]
Nine sports to make women smarter The traditional saying is constantly being broken by new research results, and some previously commonly believed adults no longer grow new brain cells. Recent studies have shown that although most of the brain’s development occurs during childhood, not all brain cells are declared discontinued as soon as they reach […]
Hair care knowledge and tips Hair care needs to start with changing bad habits and diet. Here are some tips for hair care: 1. Hair care products are 2 cm away from the scalp. Although the nutrients in hair care products are beneficial to the hair, they ca n’t be applied.Full of the entire head. […]
“Baby nutrition plan” for babies growing tall According to a report by the World Health Organization, children’s growth rate is not the same in the four seasons, the fastest growth is in May, with an average of 7. 3 mm, the slowest growth in October, with an average of only 3. 3 mm. Therefore, the […]
Popular Female Decompression Yoga Asanas Despite having to work every day, 9 hours of MBA classes a week, and a lot of housework, Gisela, 31, is still full and never feels stressed. Her secret is the now-popular weight-bearing yoga. It is a type of yoga that combines ordinary yoga with strength training. Let’s see how […]
How to deal with six common workplace psychological “pollution” Guide: When you walk into the office every day, many factors affect everyone’s emotions, and then affect the quality of work. We call it “Office Psychological Pollution”, and it is becoming an issue that cannot be ignored as people face various pressures today.   Here’s how to […]
Characteristics of Self-consciousness Development of High School Students The distance between the real self and the ideal self is too large. In the process of self-consciousness development, a real self and an ideal self are gradually differentiated. At first the ego was unified, “I am I”. But later people found that “I am not me” […]
Several effective ways to deal with cold hands and feet Waves of cold air came in in winter, but many people suffered from cold hands and feet in winter. So what to do in the cold hands and feet in winter? Below, I recommend a few effective ways to deal with cold hands and feet […]
Is yoga heightening just a cloud? ● Orthopedic experts claim that the direct increase in height through yoga practice lacks scientific evidence, and can only be used as a method of exercise to promote the height development of young children. ● Children who practice yoga increase the risk of injury and increase the risk of […]
Don’t design your child as you intended From the start of kindergarten, Xiu Xiu’s ears often sounded “Mom and Dad must study hard, and be upset! Must be admitted to Tsinghua University. ” Therefore, she is constantly working in the framework designed by her parents . This year, Xiu Xiu, 12 years old, lived up […]